About Us

The Alternative Courtroom seeks to offer a quick and simple way of resolving property issues on the breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship, through arbitration. The aim is to provide a service for "middle Australia" -  for people with some assets that need to be divided, but who cannot reasonably afford the very large amount of money and time often involved in litigation through the court system.

TAC offers a way to sort out property issues which is quicker, simpler and cheaper than litigation, and avoids much of the stress involved in legal proceedings.

The Alternative Courtroom was established by Prof. Patrick Parkinson AM, who is also a Professor of Law and former Dean of Law at the University of Queensland and a former Chair of the Family Law Council.

The Alternative Courtroom (TAC) encourages people to try to resolve matters themselves through mediation and negotiation; however, sometimes people just need someone to make a decision. TAC can provide expert  arbitration, resolving the dispute within weeks.